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Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC620 drive?

LateNaite asked
Does anyone know where I can get a Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC620 (HS14) drive?
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WakeupSpecialist 1

Western Digital
5601 Great Oaks Parkway
San Jose, CA 95119, USA
US (Toll-Free): 800.801.4618

Try contacting WD themselves?  

Otherwise a potential alternative:
Toshiba 14 TB drive
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This article states that the drives are made for Data Centers and can't be bought:
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Also see here:
These drives will only be available with host management, which means it will not be available to general consumers, but only to select customers of HGST.
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You might be able to get one from Dell, part number 67YT7 but it's limited to 512e and SATA, firmware will probably be tweaked.
You should also be strongly cautioned that, unless you have the correct firmware which is custom to each manufacturer's server line, the drive will just sit there and look at you stupid.  Lenovo/IBM drives must have their custom firmware, HP's their custom firmware, etc.
You really better be looking for the OEM part number you need.
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Lenovo/IBM* don't tweak their drive firmware, they even run generic code on the LSI controllers, Dell don't either although they set a code page for Dell certified disks. HPE is the worst offender on that score.

*x86 IBM/Lenovo servers with LSI controllers, totally different kettle of fish with IBM SANs, they are heavily branded and won't accept generic disks but Dell normally work with anything.