How to get cmd suggestion in PowerShell like in PowerShell ISE?

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Simple question. In PowerShell ISE every times I type a cmd the PowerShell suggests me a list of paramaters or functions automatically. Is there something similar in normal PowerShell. I'm tired to search the syntax in the web...:-)

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You still have tab-completion in the console.  For example, type:
Get-Date -<tab>
Each time you press <tab> it will cycle to another parameter.  You just don't see a list of everything all at once.
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There's always searchable help in a separate window:
Get-Help -ShowWindow Some-Cmdlet

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Or similar, but you get separate tabs for Parameter Sets, and you can fill the arguments in a GUI and then copy them to the clipboard:
Show-Command Some-Cmdlet

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And finally, there's the PSReadline module (installed by default since Windows 10, can be manually installed on earlier versions as well).
The one you're probably looking for is <Ctrl>-<Space>
Enter, for example
Get-Item -, followed by <Ctrl>-<Space>
Works for cmdlets, too:
Get-It, followed by <Ctrl>-<Space>
Works for available methods, classes, etc. as well.


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