BCP Queryout with Order by clause

Can anyone tell if its possible to use bcp queryout to do the below as I cannot get it, we have sql 2012 r2 (If I simply bcp the table out it works but I don't want at the columns and we need the order by?):  

DECLARE @data nvarchar(2000);
SELECT @data = '      bcp "select job,item,description,extruder,PiecesPerMachHr,qtyordered,operationstart,operationend,rawmaterial,unit_weight,u_m,tooling,us_length,suffix       from einc_app.dbo.EnsIntouch1
                        order by extruder,operationstart" queryout "\\eincintouch\Intouch2\Download\SytelineSch.csv" -c -t, -T -SEINCDATA01';
PRINT @data
exec xp_cmdshell @data ;

When run SQL gives me
usage: bcp {dbtable | query} {in | out | queryout | format} datafile
  [-m maxerrors]            [-f formatfile]          [-e errfile]
  [-F firstrow]             [-L lastrow]             [-b batchsize]
  [-n native type]          [-c character type]      [-w wide character type]
  [-N keep non-text native] [-V file format version] [-q quoted identifier]
  [-C code page specifier]  [-t field terminator]    [-r row terminator]
  [-i inputfile]            [-o outfile]             [-a packetsize]
  [-S server name]          [-U username]            [-P password]
  [-T trusted connection]   [-v version]             [-R regional enable]
  [-k keep null values]     [-E keep identity values]
  [-h "load hints"]         [-x generate xml format file]
  [-d database name]        [-K application intent]

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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
I would do it in PowerShell as scheduled task or in SSIS.

Cause one problem is security: to make this work, you need to run either SQL Server using an account having network access permissions or use a proxy account for xp_cmdshell.
Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & Architect, EE Solution GuideCommented:
Seems like a typo..
there should be a space between S and the Server name, kindly try once and you should be able to ORDER by columns in BCP..
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Has to be on one line (no carriage returns)

So, I always build the three main components then execute that. Check out :
DECLARE @sqlcommand varchar(1000) = 'select job,item,description,extruder,PiecesPerMachHr,qtyordered,operationstart,operationend,rawmaterial,unit_weight,u_m,tooling,us_length,suffix from einc_app.dbo.EnsIntouch1 order by extruder,operationstart'
DECLARE @QryoutName varchar(1000) = '\\eincintouch\Intouch2\Download\SytelineSch.csv'
DECLARE @bcpCommand varchar(2000) = 'bcp "'+@sqlcommand+'" queryout "' + @QryoutName + '" -S EINCDATA01 -T -c -t, -CACP'

print @bcpcommand

EXEC master..xp_cmdshell @bcpCommand

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The space after -S makes it easier to read, but isnt an error. Some params you do need a space (like -d under certain situations). You can read about the params in : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/tools/bcp-utility?view=sql-server-2017

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stevendeveloperAuthor Commented:
This worked to perfection.  Thank you very much for all the help.
Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & Architect, EE Solution GuideCommented:
>> Has to be on one line (no carriage returns)

Nice catch, Thanks for reminding.. forgot this one as using SSIS nowadays and bcp was history..
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