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My friend's work has 20 sales reps using, each processing 250 signed contracts per year, for a total of 5,000 contracts

When he asked DocuSign how much the above electronic signature cost would be DocuSign said it would cost about $3 per contract, for a total of $15k/year

What other " electronic signature" options do you recommend for the above volume that would cost a lot less since the only thing he wants is eSignatures, no other features ?
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Cut-rate services are usually just that:  cut-rate services.  You get what you pay for, and $3 per contract is a reasonable figure for this particular service.  If each contract is worth $1000, the overhead is 0.3 percent ... negligible.  

Yes, in the aggregate it looks like a lot of money.  However, put it in perspective.  If the sales reps are doing personal visits, $3 is far less than the amount of gas spent to visit a customer.  If they are doing phone calling, $3 is less than 5 minutes of their time at normal internal recharge rates.

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