Remove unwanted certificate from Always On VPN so I am no longer prompted to choose certificate

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While connecting to my organization's Always on VPN using my Windows 10 computer I am prompted to choose between two certificates.

I know which certificate to choose and which one won't work.

How can I remove the wrong certificate so that I will no longer be prompted to choose a certificate while connecting to my organization's Always on VPN?
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I haven't worked with Always On VPN, but if it works like other products that consume certificates in Windows.  
Open "mmc.exe".
"File", "Add/Remove Snapin"
Select the "Certificates" snapin, and select okay.  If you're running as a non-admin user, it'll give you the certificate store for the current user.  (If you're running as an administrative user, you can select 'current user' in the next dialog.)  
Drill down to Personal/Certificates.  Look to see if the certificate you want to remove is in the right panel.

You should be able to (Export if you want to keep a copy, then) delete the certificate you want to remove.

If the certificates for the VPN don't appear in that store... (run the MMC as administrator if you weren't already), and add/remove snapin, Certificates, then Local Computer this time.  Drill down to Personal/Certificates and see if your wrong certificate isn't in there.

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