launch a flash movie at a specific frame

Hi: I have a website that I use to store pdf's of safety documents  at our company. I have a flash movie (flash5 !) that navigates from the factory to the department to the workcentre to the role ; and from there launch a php/mysql table that lists and accesses the pdf's appropriate to that role. THe problem is navigation; when I am on the 'php' page I have left the flash movie. If a user wants to go back into the navigation they have to restart the flash movie from the beginning, which kind of disrupts navigation.
 Soooo my question is - it it possible to launch a flash movie AT A SPECIFIED FRAME?  I think the answer lies in javascript of which I know next to nothing......
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAsked:
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This is possible to go to specific frame using ActionScript and an emptyMovieClip named container.
This will be more complex in your case as you will need a mechanism to remember the latest viewed frame or find a way to check the actual url and associate it to a movie frame.

Basic way how to go to a specific frame

in ActionScript panel

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This is an example how to go to a specific frame
var frame:Number = 3;

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
    if (container._framesloaded >= frame) {
        delete (this.onEnterFrame);

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One of my friend was using this some time ago

You should consider stop using Flash and replace it by newest technology, as it no more supported...

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Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thanks you very much! This is my one and only use of Flash and I have the software so to keep costs down am using rather than updating. Thank you very much for the advice.
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