Dell 12G / 13G and NVMe as bootable disk

i guys, has anyone had any luck booting to PCIe NVMe cards?

I have a 12G and 13G server that I have tried putting this card in

I have enabled UEFI and installed the OS on both systems, however it will refuse to boot to this device, it just keeps saying there is no OS found etc. Been at it a few days even trying to use the lifecycle controller to install the OS with no luck.
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Does the UEFI detects/reflects the NVME card as one of the bootable sources?
You may have chosen the wrong one for use in a server,

Talk to their support,

Check with Dell support as well to get the UEFI to preload the drivers for the NVME before attempting to process the bootup of the OS ....
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
It doesn't show up in the bios, I only see windows boot manager, however the windows installation picks it up without issue and installs the OS on it. It just wont boot.

Seems a bit backwards that they can be used on consumer motherboards without issue but they wouldn't work on servers, unless they are just trying to force you to buy a more expensive product :(
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
Abandoned using these cards.

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