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When will my users lose Gmail access after Office 365 migration?

Hi, I'm migrating about 50 users from G Suite to Office 365 Business email. Moving accounts and inboxes also as a one batch go.
Users are already set up in Office, with their default email. Gmail currently uses their own domain as
Haven't registered the domain with Office 365 Business yet.
I'm wondering if, as soon as I register the domain and start migrating the users, will they lose access to their gmail, as Outlook will take over the domain or will they have access on both Gmail and Outlook? I'm only worried, since it's an own domain email.

Summed up: is using gmail. I want that email to be in outlook, but afraid, that as Office acquires the domain, and able to use it's email addresses Gmail will lose access. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you.
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I would think that the administrator of gmail would need to manage it manually.
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Csaba Toth


I do have gmail admin access as well, so I can initiate the migration
I haven't used it but check in the gmail dashboard. I have set it up for my personal gmail in the past.

This might help

Import Gmail to Outlook
Thank you.
I'm just looking for a batch migration for everyone and I can't do it for everyone one by one manually :)
The migration is not an issue with the accounts and past emails. Just worried, as soon as the domain takeover happens by Office, the users will lose connection through Gmail.
The best tool to migrate from gmail to o365 is migration wiz. It migrates all data.

First you may use initial sync will will sync all contents last 30 days. Then when you do cut over of mx and point all records like autodiscover, Skype you can run final sync which will sync all data.

However the target o365 users must be created with as primary email address. Once migration is complete you can change them primary email address to your domain.
I would imaging that your users would have access to their G Suite account until you cancel the service, or remove the user.  Once you modify your DNS entries, no new mail should show up in their Inbox in G Suite, and I doubt that sending mail would really work, either, but they should still be able to access their account.
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Sorry to be clear they won't lose access to Gmail until accounts are closed, but emails will be directed to mailbox on O365. At least that is my understanding.