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I have a query in relation to CMS support lifecycles. One of our partners uses a legacy version of concrete5 to maintain there website, who issued an end-of-life announcement last month:

The note does clearly say that critical security updates will still be applied for a further 12 months, but I want to identify the risks in using this at present. Apart from 'critical updates' what other types of support/update would you receive if you move to a supported version of the software, that they will be missing out on while still operating the legacy version? I would like them to be more reactive and rather than wait right up until the end of the 12 month period, and upgrade now to a supported release, but I need some more examples of why this is required at this stage/what they are missing out on/risks in using the legacy version.
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Updates usually consist of security updates and feature updates.  They are effectively saying that there will be no more feature updates. Since Concrete5 relies upon the marketplace, it is also significant once they disable it for any version you are using. Personally, I would be looking to move to a newer version of Concrete5 or assessing whether it should continue to be used or another CMS instead.

I believe they did make a statement about the community providing support but cannot at the moment find a link to this. With community support, the EOL period may be extended indefinitely, certainly regarding security patches.

You are quite right in thinking that your partner should not wait. You should be planning an update or a move now.


>Since Concrete5 relies upon the marketplace, it is also significant once they disable it for any version you are using

could you elaborate a bit on this, as I am new to concrete5. What do you mean by 'disable it' and could you expand on the significance
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator

Concrete5 has a marketplace available that allows you to install templates (designs) and features (such as cookie control, form managers, etc). Many of the features of your existing sites may make use of these extensions. Without access to the marketplace, you may not be able to update them (or at the very least you may need to update them manually). It's also possible that vendors of extensions may choose to no longer support older versions of Concrete5.

With that in mind, it really is best to keep as up to date as you can.

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