Tool to fix Windows 10 Boot Issues

Does anyone know of a reliable tool to fix Windows 10 Boot issues.  It seems like once you're in Automatic Repair the only real option most times is to reload windows
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Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:

There are a number of native options for fixing the MBR
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
It probably depends on what the issue is with the Windows 10.  Were you getting any error messages or signs of failure and if so what were the signs?

There's no one tool fixes all tool.  Other than reloading (as being the best tool for fixing) the OS.  As all boot issues are not the same.  

So if we can narrow down your issue we can potentially resolve the problem at hand.

You may want to verify that the Hard Drive is free from defects or errors (bad sectors).  
You may want to verify that the ram is good.

Those are issues that Software based tools can't fix.  If hardware is broken it is broken.  No software based tool will help.

Here is a link to an article on startup repair if the Master Boot  Record is corrupt or bad:

But this may not resolve your issue, again we can't tell or help without more information.
Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Other than reloading (as being the best tool for fixing) the OS.  As all boot issues are not the same.

That's completely not true, the best tool for fixing the OS is the correct one, a rebuild is NOT a fix, it's a work around when all other solutions have failed.

That should NOT be your go to for all boot issues.
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Sorry that's not what I meant.  I probably worded it wrong Alex.  But I AGREE that it is NOT your go to for all boot issues.  

What I meant to say is, that the only real tool that is going to help the most is one from Microsoft.  All other tools you see on the internet are sometimes fake or don't and can't grasp the issue you have.  We have to narrow it down first.  

So yes I agree Alex.
"boot issues" is not really a precise term. Booting can be prevented by hundreds of things, so the answer depends. Some can be solved, easily even, others I wouldn't fix but rather resort to my image backup. It's always best to have an image backup of the OS disk.

You should share what problems you commonly see.
automatic repairs I think to fix the MBR/UEFI ..
Often they are prevented if there is a HD media issue, i.e. running check disk and then ..

as McKnife pointed out there are way too many scenarios where other than reloading the OS the remedies are ..... what was covered earlier

update that failed, interrupted....

at times the system after updates boots up and for some reason does not display the do not power off installing updates or something like that, but instead it has the mouse pointer and a blank screen or worse yet, the monitor appears as though there is no signal (at times, turning off the monitor and turning it back on at which point one can see the system is working, display did not send the wake the monitor)
genusysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information.  I was just wondering if there was something out there that automated some of the most common issues. MBR, Bootrec, DSIM cleanups ect...

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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Why did you close this out?  You didn't give us any comments or disclose any pertinent information for us to follow up on.  And just because there may not be an 'automated' tool, you didn't give us any parameters on your question.  Also us saying that there isn't any one specific tool to do this, you never said automated for the tools you wanted.  Some of us provided options for repairing MRB/Bootrec.  You didn't specify what issues you wanted to look into for repair.

"Does anyone know of a reliable tool to fix Windows 10 Boot issues.  It seems like once you're in Automatic Repair the only real option most times is to reload windows"

That is your specifics.  Not fair in closing your question in around 3 hours in my opinion.
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