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Tiras25 used Ask the Experts™
Can someone help me to extract a video file off the news channel site?  Normally I can find an mp4 file.  This time cannot.
Thanks in advance.
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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developer

All-around developer
Part of the problem is they are using a new thing where a link to an M3U8 file is in the source or the embed source.
The link to the video is actually in an M3U8 file located in this tag:
<meta itemprop="contentURL" content="https://content.uplynk.com/ext/4413701bf5a1488db55b767f8ae9d4fa/091118-kgo-11p-body-found-vigil-vid.m3u8?ad._v=2&amp;ad=kgo_video&amp;ad.preroll=&amp;ad.fill_slate=1&amp;ad.ametr=1">

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Use the free program M3UExportTool, http://m3uexporttool.sourceforge.net/, to extract the files and convert them to the format you want.
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You can try opening this link https://content.uplynk.com/ext/4413701bf5a1488db55b767f8ae9d4fa/091118-kgo-11p-body-found-vigil-vid.m3u8 with vlc and using convert to save the stream to a format you prefer. or get some specific browser addon for the purpose (like video videodownloadhelper)


For some reason that tool doesn't work well with my OS.  Win10Ent  64-bit.  Weird.
Assuming you have permission to copy the video, I've used this before:

I think a free trial is available.
If it can determine the video source file it will download it. If it cannot, then it can record the video as you're playing it on the source website. (The only downside to method 2 is that you'd have to let the entire video play out. Meaning if it's a 45 minute video you'd let the software record for the full 45 minutes, just like an old school VCR)

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