What is the maximum practical size for an Exchange 2016 database

Barry Fields
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Exchange 2016 database size limits at what point would you say it's too large
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Your question can be answered in two parts: 1) Technical limitation 2) Business limitation or SLA

1) Technical limitation.
Standard edition, you have 1 TB limit
Enterprise, there is no limit. Until your hardware can support it.

2) SLA limitation: How long you can afford downtime, in case you need to restore database.

In short, as per my experience 500GB is an ideal size for DB.
Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP & MCT)


I would try keep your databases smallish, bigger than 1TB will mean longer time to recover or repair.
Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant

The physical limitation is slightly less than 16 TB.

Microsoft suggests that, at max, you limit at 2 TB (as they do in Office 365).

But the real question is about BACKUPS. Do you keep 4 copies of data, as MSFT does in Office 365?

If not, your copies need to be a lot smaller.

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