looking for a good terminal server and ethernet extenders

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I'm looking at ordering some products from www.perle.com and wanted to know if they have good quality products?

I need to get a terminal server for my switches and also I need to run IP cameras over 328 feet, so those ethernet extenders look like would be a fairly easy way to do that.

Part numbers:

Any thoughts, is there a better way to accomplish this?
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I have no opinion on  these products.
Digital Networks (formerly a DEC division) had good products.  (I think it is now called VNETEK..)

VERY IMPORTANT: be sure the equipment doesn't accidentaly issue RS-232 BREAK  or LONG BREAK signals on the wire.
(can happen during boot/shutdown or power up/power down of serial interfaces).  
This might have negative impact on systems.. (reset of consoles, reboots of servers etc. etc.).
OTOH some system do require BREAK to get their attention so it should be possible to issue such a command on request.
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thanks for your input

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