How to create a querystring in procedure to insert string with single and double quote

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I want to pass a string in procedure containing single quote and/or double quote
My data entered in textbox is "I as 'as'  and as "India"

1/ How to pass this as parameter
2/ How to create querystring inside procedure

declare @qs nvarchar(max)
set qs=?
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declare @qs nvarchar(max)
set @qs='"I as ''as''  and as "India"';
print @qs;

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single quotes in a string must be put as two single quotes to show a(1) single quote and double quote is ok as is.


No this i also know but this is of no use.
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Now, your string  "I as 'as'  and as "India" doenst make sense (to me) but you say above you already know that part....

But if you dont mind, please explain what that string represents to you, or, what you are wanting as a result.

If it is intended for use within a query, you would need to use Dynamic SQL if you want the procedure to effectively use the content of your parameter to use within a subsequent select query.

Or... You may also want to set quoted identifiers. When set to ON, anything in double quotes is an identifier (Table Name, Proc Name, Column Name….etc). See

Or, are you wanting to know how to call the Stored Procedure. Are you using a pass-through query, or ADO ?

Or, are you wanting something else ?

Please explain....

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