Do I need an on-prem SSL Cert after migrating to Office 365?

We've migrated to office 365 and my old SSL Certs (from our on-prem Exchange server) are expiring. Do i need an SSL Cert for Office 365? Part of the reason i ask is because we're getting "A secure connection cannot be established with the server on our Apple Macs.
ronfastI.T. DirectorAsked:
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroEE Solution Guide/Topic Advisor and CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
Hi ronfast.

It depends on the current state of your platform.

For example, you mentioned that you have migrated to O365, but you didn't specify what was the method (cutover or hybrid) and that's important for your answer. So...

If you  did a cutover migration, the answer is NO, you don't need an SSL for an O365 Tenant that is just on the CLOUD
If you did a hybrid migration, and you haven't still decommissioned the On-prem Exchange Servers, of course, you do need a certificate to maintain your HYBRID infrastructure since O365 and your On-prem are sharing a common system.

Hope it's clear my answer.

Now, once you migrated your accounts from On-prem to O365, it's required that you re-create the profile on the outlook. Since they aren't anymore on the On-prem and the GUID is different on the Cloud, so it should be fixed by re-creating the profiles.

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ronfastI.T. DirectorAuthor Commented:
Okay, it was a cutover. that answered my question. thanks.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroEE Solution Guide/Topic Advisor and CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
Np. Your welcome! glad to help
BTW, You were getting that specific error because there was an issue with certificates on September, 13th, on office 365 part. Just for the records.
ronfastI.T. DirectorAuthor Commented:
good to know
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