Duplicate OneDrive icons in Explorer

Ron Shorts
Ron Shorts used Ask the Experts™
Running Win10, and I'm seeing duplicate OneDrive icons in windows explorer - they both point to the same location.

I found this on how to remove the additional icon via the registry:


Does anyone know the reason why duplicate icons would appear?  

One of them is named (OneDrive - Companyname), and the other is name (OneDrive) under namespace - which one should be deleted?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Thanks Experts
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroTop Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
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Ron I don't think you should remove any.

The one that says:
Onedrive - CompanyName (It's a onedrive for business).
The other one (Onedrive) is a Personal.

What color is the cloud in your task panel?
is it blue or white?

look at mine:
1.pngOn this one, I have 3 (blues) (Onedrive for Business) and One white (Personal Onedrive).

For the names they are different but you pointed the (Onedrive for business, blue) into the same location of the (Onedrive, white).
Roger HannaI.T. Support Specialist

I completely agree with Jose.. If you want to know WHICH Onedrive is actively synching you can use this as your resource https://support.office.com/en-us/article/which-version-of-onedrive-am-i-using-19246eae-8a51-490a-8d97-a645c151f2ba


Jose/Roger, thing is, they are both OneDrive for business icons in windows explorer only.  Only one icon is in task panel is blue and is pointed to the OneDrive - Companyname when I hover over it.

If I click on either icon in windows explorer, they both are pointed in the same exact location.  Look at the link you sent Roger, maybe this is something with Sharepoint libraries?

The only other differences are one icon is a darker blue and slightly bigger than the other (this is the one without the - companyname) this is when looking at the icons under c:\users\username

I only see one in the apps and programs, could one be part of the office 365 installation and the other a stand alone version perhaps?

Edit - I think this secondary OD icon was created when I shared a OneNote notebook and converted it in OneDrive since only one note files exist in the one not showing in the tray.
Top Rated Freelancer on MS Technologies
Awarded 2018
Distinguished Expert 2018
Well that can be because you have a really old version of one drive installed along with a recent one, the bigger and different blue than the one I showed you is the older one and that's the one you should remove.


Uninstall both, and do the reinstall

And then just download and install onedrive from the web page .

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