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I am going crazy . I thought I had submitted this question yesterday and for some reason I don't see it here. This is my problem. On MS Edge whenever the Favorites bar is turned OFF the favorites still show up . The strange thing you can see from the images posted here what I am referring to. Favorites bar turned off nothing shows when the 2 tabs with the links I chose as it supposed to. Scenario 2-When opening another tab the top sites  tab opens up and the favorites there are 2 there shows up even with the favorites bar is OFF. Lastly when I close Edge you get a warning about closing all tabs . If I check it and later on I decide to have it come up again is that something that can be done and if so how?

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Hello there!

It is by design that Edge will show your favorites bar when you are on the New Tab page. This will happen even if you have the favorite bar set to off. It should automatically hide the favorite bar again when you navigate to any web page.

The only way I know of to prevent this behavior is to clear out or move all favorites away the Favorites Bar.

Regarding your question about the "close all tabs" warning on exit: I do not think it is possible to reset this setting to default except to modify the system registry. This can be very dangerous if you are inexperienced handing the registry. So please be careful.
Wesley MillerComputer Network Analyst

Per Microsoft's Edge Documentation,
Microsoft Edge hides the favorites bar by default but shows the favorites bar on the Start and New tab pages. Also, by default, the favorites bar toggle, in Settings, is set to Off but enabled allowing users to make changes. With this policy, you can configure Microsoft Edge to either show or hide the favorites bar on all pages.

As for Toggling the Close ALL Tabs Back on you have to edit the registry:

AskToCloseAllTabs DWORD
0 = off
1 = on
Basem KhawajaClinical Pharmacist


Thank you Guys.

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