Azure RDS Why are so many VMs installed and ius this cost effective

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In an Azure RDS a number of extra virtual machines are automatically installed as shown in the image. I had only one VM installed prior to the RDS
installation. I am concerned about costs. Will each additional VM cost as much as my original VM?

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We put Broker/Gateway/Web on the same VM and Session Host on its own and set up a collection that way.

The DC would be an A series with 2 cores. Nothing serious. The B/G/W VM would be the same. The session host is where the horsepower would be needed.

We've been running RDS Farms in VMs for a long time now. This article explains some of our experiences:
Practical Hyper-V Performance Expectations

While not quite specific to Azure it's still relevant.
The picture looks like it built a few standard RDS farm machines:

ADVM - Domain Controller
cb-vm - connection broaker
gw-vm - gateway vm
rdsh - session host

Was this a recipe/auto build option?

You could combine the cb-vbm and the gw-vm, or depending on your need just allow remote access to the VM if you dont need an RDS Farm
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Thanks for the information

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