Why are powerbanks for laptops more costly than powerbanks for USB devices (from same brand & of same mAH)

Noticed that power banks that could charge laptops cost a lot more
than power banks that have USB output ports only though they
are of the same mAH capacity.

Eg: it's common to get 30000mAH powerbanks for USB devices at USD35 or less:

but those that could charge laptops are usually above USD60 (can go up to USD300
even for Hyperjuice for Macbook Pro of 8000 mAH only).

Even if they are from the same brand of same capacity, eg: Vinsic, the price difference
is stark,  eg Vinsic Warrior 30000mAH for laptop is USD60-90 but Vinsic 30000mAH
powerbanks for USB devices is about half the price.

What's the reason?  Isn't same mAH means the chemicals used to store the
electricity of about the same?

I'm asking this because if it's feasible to make laptop powerbanks cheaper
commercially, I plan to market it locally.
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Maybe the charge controller circuit for the laptop costs more.  The USB charger only needs a 5V, 1A charger for USB2.  Those are likely more abundant and cheaper.

Laptops require more current and Voltage.  There are also different voltage levels for different laptops and different current levels.  You need to identify each circuit and send the appropriate power to it.

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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I have to agree with serialband. The design of a power bank for a laptop would have to handle a lot more current and difference voltages, thus making the circuitry more complex and expensive.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
they may have the exact same mAH but have different maximum current output ratings. i.e.
2.5A vs 2.1A

different battery technlogy
imported lithium batter vs lithium polymer battery
andyalderSaggar maker's bottom knockerCommented:
Ewe, fish in lithium batter ;)

But yes, serialband is right on the extra electronics needed, they may even have to have a high discharge sub-battery or supercap to be able to keep the laptop happy and charge it in bursts.
It would also have to be metered so that you don't overdrain the battery.
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