I have files that I burn to DVD with a player application added to the disk as one of the files.  

When I insert the DVD after burning I open the player and then its always only opening 1 file despite it saying there are 2 files on the disk. These are .DAV files  (using DVD +)

I am using windows 7  and have tried it using the windows CD/DVD burning software and also the program called CD Burner XP and get the same result.   Some one said to me that it probably not finishing off the burning properly so I selected prevent further changes (finalise) on CD burner and still get the same.

I have noticed although not being a DVD RW I am still able to add files to it afterwards .
I try exactly the same procedure with a  CD and it burns and plays properly.   I having use DVD's cos of the file sizes.

Any Ideas?
glenn mastersAsked:
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Shaun VermaakTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Have you tried different DVD media?
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
When you say DVD media what do you mean as tried with 2 different DVDs from separate boxes.

Thing that puzzling me is that when I do it to CD its fine and does what its suposed to???
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
Im getting more and more convinced that its something to do with DVD's

Using windows 7 and windows burning software and CD Burner XP  .

1) Burnt to  CD -  ALL OK
2) Saved to USB STICK -  ALL OK
3) BURN TO DVD (MINUS)   Burns to DVD and then tried out on a different PC using Windows 10 and it shows ALL FILES and player to play them. Click on player and only 1 file opens.  Click on Add files to give me oppourtunity to add the other file and it wont let me add it.

.DAV files being played..

Hope that helps in diagnosing
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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
It might be that the image is the wrong “type” of burn.  Regardless, get the free program called ImgBurn ( This is by far the best CD and DVD burning program available on Windows, and it is free. It looks at what you are putting on the. DVD and set the burn type appropriately,

That software also has buffer underrun and computer slowdown (burnproof) protection, so it tends to fail on burns very infrequently.

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glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
right oh.  Will give that a go.

Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I got rid of ALL my other burning programs including Nero which I paid for. I just find ImgBurn to work so well. (No, don't work for them.) They have just done a good job at a well built burning program.  Let us know how it goes.
well -i am using CDBurnerXP for years, and never had problems
do you get any message or error?  look also in event viewer
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
I think it gotta be something to do with software. Burnt to DVD using imgburn and still only get 1 camera come up.  HHHMMM
can you attach these files, so we can test?
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately not as cctv footage. But why work on cd and usb but not dvd??
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
There no point in attaching files as playing them on the pc they are working fine . It's just the dvd. Would. Dvd plus or minus make a diff ??
normally  no, but htere are Always weird things possible
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
I'm starting to wonder if I can view .dav files off a disk now too. Just seems crazy
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Well. It depends on how you are trying to play them back and on what device. For example, I have an LG DVD player that will play mkv  and mp4 files from a DVD but not avi files. I have a JVC DVD player that plays avi and mp4 but not mkv. Both those DVD players show me a menu of files available to play. My older Sony DVD player simply plays the first compatible file it finds only.  It does not display a menu.

Sorry. I guess I should have asked this upfront. Where and how are you trying to play the files back?

Note that you can transcode them to a more “friendly” playback format before putting them on the disk IF that helps your playback device show you a list of playable files. Perhaps make a DVD of test files to see what works best?

A tool like this can do that. 

Maybe your playback device might be happier with a different format?
glenn mastersAuthor Commented:
SORTED. YEAH. At last .

Download folder and click on burn to disk from the button along top of screen it don't burn properly.

If I right click on the folder and select send to "D" drive it moves burns and views ok once burnt..

Strange but sorted..
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
That is odd. I do not understand why it should matter. SIGH!
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