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SQL Pivot--returning the same values in each pivot entry

AS (
select CAST(enc_timestamp AS DATE) as [Date of Drug Administration], p.person_nbr AS [Medical Record], enc_nbr AS [Encounter Number],
'OP' as [Patient Type], pp.service_item_id as [Charge Code], pp.service_item_desc AS [Charge Description], pp.units AS [Dispensed Quantity],
pm.payer_name, cob from patient_encounter pe
JOIN person p ON p.person_id = pe.person_id
JOIN encounter_payer ep ON pe.person_id = ep.person_id AND pe.enc_id = ep.enc_id
JOIN payer_mstr pm ON pm.payer_id = pe.cob1_payer_id
JOIN patient_procedure pp ON pp.enc_id = pe.enc_id
where CAST(enc_timestamp AS DATE) >= dateadd(day,datediff(day,365,GETDATE()),0) 
and pe.billable_ind = 'Y' and pe.clinical_ind = 'Y' and pe.practice_id = '0001'
and pp.service_item_id IN ( 'J0585','J0696','J0702','J1030','J1040','J1050','J1071','J1100','J1200','J1650','J1885','J2060','J2175','J2270','J2300',
and pp.amount <> 0.00 and pp.delete_ind = 'N')
select * 
from DATA d
	Pivot (MAX(payer_name)
			FOR cob IN ([1], [2], [3] )) as P;

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This is working---however the payer name is the same in 1, 2 or 3 (depending on the patient's number of insurances).  For example, if a patient has Medicare and a supplement--it will at least recognize there are two entries (cob 1 and cob 2)--but instead of the supplemental name, it is supplying the same insurance name (Medicare) for both entries.  If the patient has 3 insurnaces, then it would have 3 Medicare names across 1, 2 and 3.
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