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Gaming laptop question...

Looking in to a gaming laptop for someone & was curious about something.
A lot of them seem to have 2 HDs, a small SSD for OS, etc & then an additional 1TB drive for data. I'd always assumed you'd want game-related files, etc., on fast drive? Not being as concerned with price, wouldn't a 1 TB SSD be better than a 128 GB SSD plus an additional 1 TB drive? Plus, doesn't 2 HDs usually cause the need for a smaller battery?
Any advice appreciated!
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No,  the laptop is designed to have the same battery for the reason they don't want it to have a short running life.

Also, they use a smaller SSD for games and the OS and then the 1TB for storage. Putting it all on the SSD could impact performance. Just get a 512GB drive, job done :D

Check out PC Specialist and spec up your own, it's where I got mine.
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Gaming laptops with a 128GB SSD and a 1TB traditional drive are very common these days and the reasoning is that the 1TB SSD would add too much to the cost.  That being said, the laptop would definitely have the mounting brackets and connectors to allow for 2 drives and the stuff for the second drive would be absent if the drive were not there.
As a note, that second drive will definitely shorten your battery life.
SSD's are also 3 to 10 times faster than traditional drives.
Given that 1TB SSD's are now sub $200, I would buy the laptop and then replace the secondary drive.
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Thanks to all!
You are very welcome