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Chart representing growth in headcount by project by quarter


I am trying to figure out the best way to represent the following info:

Project deliverables by quarter capturing current headcount and additional headcount for the project in that quarter.  

So let’s assume i have 8 projects and each may have a couple high level deliverables by quarter, I want to show how much growth I need for the particular project.  

I am thinking about potentially a stacked bar, but that does not seem sufficient.   I am also thinking of some kind of area line graph, but capturing 1 or 2 high level deliverables per project does not seem feasible.    

Any thoughts?

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When workload increases, your choices are to add headcount, work overtime, outsourcing, cut corners, miss your target dates or cancel an order. If you add headcount, training may be necessary and productivity lessened until new people get up to speed. The decrease in productivity occurs both due to lower output by new workers and time spent by existing team members in training.

I worked earlier in my career for companies producing engineered to order equipment. When we hired a really good salesman/hit an industry boom period, sales would double or more. We tried to hire engineers to meet the load, but then had to lay them off a couple years later when sales dropped to normal (or worse). While the original team members did work more hours, a lot more was possible had they been properly incented. With hindsight, we would have been better off hiring fewer people and using bonus/overtime to get the work done.

I suggest using a stacked area chart showing projected need as a line, then areas underneath for existing staff at straight time, overtime, increased headcount/outsourcing and planning gap  (if any). Choose colors to help make your point to top management.

You may want to show how work needs to be pulled forward in time to maintain schedule. If you don’t, top management will surely suggest that alternative. If so, make two charts showing with and without pulling work forward. The first chart would be the work hours straight from Project (or similar work scheduling and resource loading software). The second chart would be your informed guess about how you might accelerate certain parts of the workflow.
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