Outlook email struck in outbox

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I have a client who outlook 2013 emails just sit in the outbox

Recreated the profile
Unjoin from domain
Join the domain
Flushed DNS
Used static IP
Turnoff off cached mode
Update the network driver
Running wire shark now

Send Immediately” is enabled in Advanced settings.
 Windows Firewall - Turn off and try
Kicked it hard

I have enabling logging in Outlook 2013  the %temp%\outlook logging\OPMLog.log file logs no events of receiving items at all. There have been messages received, and yet no trace of them in the OPMLog.log file. This is the case for an Outlook 2013 client  using the same Exchange server 2013

OS is Windows 7 x64 (Office 2013)

It does not seem to matter if I tag or untag Online Mode or Cached Mode. As well as it does not matter if I tag or untag the "Oultook Anywhere" or RPC over HTTP.

 Synch operation completed
 2018.09.14 12:46:12 Sending done, Error code = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:46:12 Sending done, Error code = 0x8004010f
 2018.09.14 12:46:12 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT -- ---)
 2018.09.14 12:46:12 Finishing the Spooling Cycle, Error code = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:55:12 email address : Synch operation started (flags = 00000001)
 2018.09.14 12:55:12 email address : UploadItems: 1 messages to send
 2018.09.14 12:55:12 EXECUTING Put MAPI TASK
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Starting the Spooling Cycle
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT fl ---)
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI XP Call: FlushQueues, hr = 0x00000000, ulFlushFlags = 0x0000001a
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Sending one message
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Progress: Sending message 'FW
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT fl act)
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT fl ---)
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI XP Call: SubmitMessage, hr = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI XP Call: EndMessage, hr = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 FINISHED MAPI TASK
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 email address ReportStatus: RSF_COMPLETED, hr = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 email address : Synch operation completed
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Sending done, Error code = 0x00000000
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Sending done, Error code = 0x8004010f
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 MAPI Status: (IN -- ---/OUT -- ---)
 2018.09.14 12:55:13 Finishing the Spooling Cycle, Error code = 0x00000000
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Edward van BiljonMessaging and Collaboration Technical Lead (Exchange MVP)Commented:

Is this an imap or exchange account?

Try running fiddler and check what's happening when outlook tries to connect.

Do you have any static entries in the hosts file? Does the account work on another machine?

Have you tried safe mode in outlook or disabling AV?
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Can they log directly on to Outlook anywhere web page and send that way?

Does it work if they run Outlook on another computer?
jwc1972Author Commented:

Exchange account

no entries in the host file ( why would that an issue on another note?)

They can received mail from OWA and mobiles

run outlook/safe makes no difference

I don't understand why, I thought it might be to do with wireless and wired connections on a laptop

but its happening on an PC now?

could it be malware ?  the company is   running  sentinel One  AV . Would that affect all Machines
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Mohammad Ishtyaq khatriSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Does your outlook says connected? Can you send emails Via webmail? Did you tried some other account on that computer? Did you tried this account on some other computer?

This will help you identify if this is a client issue or an account issue.
Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
change the datafile path and check ... seems data file access issue...
jwc1972Author Commented:

all data files are located in the same place on all pc / laptops

c:\users\name\app data\local\Microsoft\outlook

I'm  looking at https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/ tomorrow

SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
Note: - Since OAB (offline address book) used Microsoft outlook client in Cached Exchange Mode for address book lookups when offline and it also reduces the workload of the server.

Error 0x8004010F error occur when:

1) Users can't download the Offline Address Book.
2) Synchronization errors occur in the Offline Address Book. 
3) You receive nondelivery report (NDR) messages when you use the Offline 
4)Address Book to send email messages to users. 
5) OST file is unavailable or corrupted. 
6) Multiple OAB file version exists of the same type. 
7) When a profile is incorrectly configured. 
8) Object is either missing or incorrect in OAB file list.

Since this 0x8004010F error can occur due to various reason, hence various solution can be available such as:

a) Global address list (GAL) is up to date 
b) Cached Exchange Mode is enabled 
c) Background Intelligence Transfer Service (BITS) service is running 
d) Autodiscover service is working, and check access to the Offline Address Book

Check Out Below blog for step by step solution for the different method, hope any solution works for you. To know about the error 0x8004010F and solution:

Or You can Create New Profile using 3 stage steps:

a) Identify the current location of PST File
b) Creation of new Outlook Profile
c) Configure the new Outlook profile as default

Visit: https://www.pstrecovery.net/blog/Outlook-error-0x8004010F.html
jwc1972Author Commented:
I rebuilding the computers, starting again

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