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Computer Behaves Differently at Home

One of my users reports that his computer is about 10 times faster when he is in my domain as opposed to when he is at home.  He has turned off Windows Defender and even put his computer into Airplane mode when he is at home but it only marginally increases his ability to work.  It is slow responding at home even when doing simple tasks like opening up Control Panel.
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Is it just one user reporting this?  I would guess its either a login script or security product causing this if I had to throw the usual suspects into the ring.
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If the user doesn't turn off their computer between the two locations could it still be a login script issue?  I utilize Comodo for Security, which isn't domain-based.  Would it pick up that it was not plugged into the domain and do something?
It could also be DNS related.  Check to ensure they do not have static DNS servers.

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Are both networks directly connected to the Internet, home and the domain at work? When you said on your domain, do you mean that his computer is a member of the domain at work, but not at home? Do you use a proxy when at work and not at home?
I support ProcMon (with file access filter only) as suggested. I reckon there are a lot of office resource calls (UNC paths), e.g. from most recently used lists and shortcuts, trying to access no unavailable files. In that case you won't see CPU load.
The home setup needs to be defined: does he use a VPN or not? If he uses a VPN, the connection stability, latency and bandwidth is crucial.
I do not VPN or Proxy. Off-site you have no access to domain files. On-site you have access to the files.
You have to clearly identify what the discussion is about.

Offlibe access to files?

What is the setup?  ....

Have the user when home display the routing table, DNS settings..

To make sure when the system is away that it is not still set to consult domain name servers that are unreachable.

Ip range at home?
He is saying that that the computer is slow, eg. opening Word is ten times faster at work than at his house.
Much depends on whether it tries to access recent, .....
Is the computer on battery or on ac power as being compared.

The scenario has to be one to one comparison.
The power management if on battery could be set to preserve battery, resulting in slowing the pergormance .......
>>opening Word is ten times faster at work than at his house.

Have you had them try booting in safe mode to see if things are still slow?

At times there isn't a magic button you can push that reveals all answers.  Even in the age of Google, there are times you still need to actively troubleshoot.

Have you tried diagnosing this using process monitor or process explorer?  That tends to pretty much eliminate guessing.
ask him to make another user account, and test with that
I have not had the opportunity to hear from him as to whether or not solutions have worked.  Process monitor did not show an abundance of RAM or CPU in use, though.
What about Disk or Network?

I think it was mentioned above somewhere:  What is left seems to be something looking for resources that were available when connected that aren't there and it is trying to "phone home".