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Wireless lan controller WLC Access points AP

Cisco 5520 Wireless Lan Controller unable to connect access point using wired connection using POE injector using CDP I can see access point but unable to have it show up in access point list.  The access point is directly connected to WLC, with no switch or router but both AP and WLC are using ip in same subnet /24.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

The AP must be running lightweight (LAP) firmware, not autonomous mode (no controller).

Also, check compatibility.  As you upgrade WLC firmware, older APs will not show up, because their firmware will drop off the compatibility list.  This can even happen with APs that are currently connected.  Install an upgrade to the WLC, and a bunch of APs disappear.
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Beside mentioned above, is DHCP server reachable and configured properly?
CDP details should provide information if IP address is obtained by AP.
Benoit Palmer

I am not using DHCP the AP is static assigned. I may try using DHCP if I can not get it to work.
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You need to use the DHCP from the WLC.  It will already have Option 43 and all the provisioning ready to go.

You don't need a static on the LAP, because there's not much you can do without the WLC.  And, if you need to bounce it, you do that from the WLC or by shut/no shut on the switchport.  Neither require that you know what the IP address is.
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So i learned a little more information since my last run at this. I am not sure with this model ilc 5520 if I need to connect via management port or via 10gig port on back. Which leads me to my next question  if i connect via 10 GIG uplink will the 10 gig be compatible with a 1 gig sfp? or is there a 10 gig and a 1 gig built into the NIC? next I found out that this AP 2802i is running Mobility express which from my reading it turns the AP into a Controller which is bad, because i have to configure more AP. So I am led to believe I need to use CAPWAP mode. I've gone through the process but can't get out of the apciscoshell when I go to change the ap-type to capwap.

Management is for management only, no data.  You can't be on the service-receiving side and connect to the management interface.

SFP ports will take many different transceiver types.  If you use 10-gig fiber, you need to match it exactly on the other end...same speed and fiber type (MMF/SX or SMF/LX).
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Goog job getting the console to make manual settings.  Most places I see...I wouldn' want to climb a ladder with a console cable to fix things.  That why you have DHCP on the WLC or some other server that will provide option 43 for the LWAPP discovery to ne given a list of known WLC.

  They can be reached via Layer2 or Layer3 once the LAP gets an IP to talk to the network.