Why do these fonts look different when the computed font is the same?

Melody Scott
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Client wants me to match the font and look here: https://www.exfo.com/en/

(We're just using a solid background for each until they pick images.)

I think I've done it here: https://techgardens.com/optical-engineering/services/ 

But this should be the same:

In Chrome elements, when I look at the computed section, they are the same. But they don't look the same.

Mine Services page:
Mine applications page:
What am I doing wrong? I don't think it's a caching problem, I checked it in a browser that's never been there.
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In CSS, the font-family tag provides a fallback method, so this:

font-family: Robot, Arial, "Microsoft...

will try to style using the Roboto font. If it can't find it, it will fall back to Arial.

Your Services page is loading the Roboto font from the Google Fonts website, so it gets used. Your Applications page isn't loading the Robot font from Google, so it falls back to using Arial


Interesting.. thanks. The font is available in the divi font selection, so I assumed t would be available on every page. I'll add it manually. Appreciate the help!

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