Replicating my single exchange 2010 server to reduce single point of failure

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i have just one exchange server on premise; an exchange 2010 server. I want to replicate this server for redundancy. Please how can i go about it. I have a Hyper V with Virtual machines  sitting in my domain as well.  How can i replicate it on the virtual machine and load balance between them. Is that possible. Can i move it to another branch office location that i have a VPN site-to-site  connection for disaster recovery?  I would appreciate any good documentation on this . How does DAG play here?
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If you want replication you can use 2 servers on each site.
Then set up a DAG, (basically, a DAG is a group of copies of the database with different 'settings, for example, you can create active, passive or lag copies of the database, across the sites and across the servers.

There's a video here:

And a bunch of courses there

I will start by a migration from 2010 to 2013/2016
and then implementing the High Availability and resiliency on newer systems
(In this one there's a whole video talking about that, of course on MVA there are much more courses and in cloud9).
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Easiest thing to do is just migrate to O365. Let Microsoft handle the high availability.

Otherwise, get another license for Exchange Server, and take this opportunity to upgrade to Exchange 2016 (you need new Exchange Server licenses and CALs, did I mention that you should just to to O365?).

In the Exchange 2016, you can setup DAG, which is part of Exchange high availability. The servers in DAG can be in separate sites connected by VPN. There are a ton of materials out there to help you understand and plan the Exchange upgrade process and how to implement DAG.

I wouldn't take the effort to put in DAG on Exchange 2010. Exchange 2010 goes end of support in January 2020, so there isn't much time left to get off it.

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