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I travel around to several places that have DirectTV.

What model remote can I buy that will allow me to change the channels on DirectTV systems wherever I go?
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There are 2 styles.  RC73 and RC66.  I am betting most of the locations you go use the older RC66's.  I would buy off Amazon or Ebay RC66. I have one of these remotes because of the Backlight.  It works with both older receivers and newer Genie glass ones.
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How can I tell if the receivers are the older receivers or the new Genie glass ones (by looking at them? These receivers are mounted about 10 feet in the air and I don't have a ladder or chair to stand on in order to look closely at them).
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Other than maybe a universal remote, you could look into an app for your phone like Peel. That way you don't even have to carry a remote. Just control from your smartphone.

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