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Wifi range extender for iPad & Android phones

Currently in my home, due to a thick concrete wall, the corner when my bed
& reading desk is located can't reach the broadband Wifi even if I connect
a Vonets VAR11N repeater below to the Telco's Wifi router:

I then used a USB Wifi dongle plus a 6m USB extender cable to connect to
my laptop with dongle bypassing the thick concrete wall (with direct line-of
-sight to the router) & could now consistently get the Wifi signal:

However, for my iPad & my Android phone (which sometimes I read on the
bed), is there something equivalent to the Netgear dongle that I could use
with a USB extender cable?  Ideally one solution for both iPad & Android
instead having to buy separate solutions.

I ever seen a metal sticker which claims that once pasted onto the phone
will enhance the range of mobile phones' but lost that article : does this
work & can share an eBay/Amazon link to purchase?
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I then used …..  a 6m USB extender cable to connect to....  my laptop with dongle bypassing the thick concrete wall

Is this an Ethernet cable to your Wi-Fi router?  

You can put a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite Dual Radio Access point at the end of the cable. It comes with a POE device (or may come separately now) that goes at your Wi-Fi router and allows the Ubiquiti device to service the areas beyond the concrete wall.

I have one here and it works great. Gives me W-Fi on the second floor of my home.
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It's not an ethernet/LAN cable, just a usb female to male cable.  Distance from my bed to the wifi router is 20m.   Ubiquity solution is quite costly
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My wifi router has LAN RJ45 ports.  Perhaps I can run a LAN cable to my room with device below connected?
A bit messy
If you can get the LAN cable to your room, that is half the battle.

Ubiquiti Access Points are the same / less expensive as wireless routers.
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Think ubiq costs USD30 n above?

Well if I run a LAN cable to the room, my original Vonets solution we'd have worked n costs less than Meross or Ubiq devices
You can use your original solution. I like the access points because they allow any device to work. But if your solution above suffices for you, then use it.

Certainly running a LAN cable facilitates solutions.
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My wifi router has been there almost 5 yrs.  comes bundled w my Telco's broadband
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Guess HomePlug is to connect network via power lines:
how do I verify if it works in my country Singapore prior to purchasing it?

It sounds neat : there's a power point next to my bed as well as next to
the Wifi router
You should go to the vendor website and ask that question. Seems unlikely someone from Singapore would be an EE member with that device.
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The above uses UK plug: seems likely it could be used.  Do we get a pair (ie 2pcs) of it
ie 1 pc at the wifi router & another 1 pc at the user end?
HomePlug is a standard, not a device. There are a lot of HomePlug-certified devices out there.

Here's a link that may help you find and identify products available in Singapore:

Do we get a pair (ie 2pcs) of it
ie 1 pc at the wifi router & another 1 pc at the user end?
That is correct. Some makers have kits that come with the pair.
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I keyed in Aztech into link below as well as one of Aztech's product but nothing is returned:
Link above has a discussion in my home country in 2017: if I can get 50Mbits/sec, I'm
happy as I'm not using it to play games;  possibly some youtube videos (which is streamed
so it won't get laggy) on the iPad.

Above link recommends AV2: is this essential for watching youtube?
I don't think it is essential, but if the price is OK, get the higher speed unit.  You will be happier over time.
Above link recommends AV2: is this essential for watching youtube?
Honestly, probably not. However, when I decided to make use of it, I went ahead and ordered an AV2 kit because I just didn't want to take chances, and also be able to keep using it in the long run (bought a Netgear kit for a relative who likes to watch things on Youtube and Netflix).