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Move iTunes purchased movie to Google Play for Chromecast Streaming

Is there a simple way to save/move an iTunes movie to Google Play to watch it on a Chromecast? Right now, the iTunes movie does not give me the option to stream to Chromecast.

Any recommendations welcome.
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Thanks Alex! Is it safe to download?
Yes otherwise I'd have not recommended it :D

Although, 10/10 for checking :)
wait up, do you really work for EE????
Haha very true! Thanks Alex! I won't be able to try it out until 6 p.m. EST when I make it home from work, so I will leave the question open until then. I appreciate your quick reply and help!
Yes, I do. In marketing, not the technical side of the company :)
It's ok and it's a real pleasure to help someone who works for the company that provides me my daily entertainment of helping people fix things, as well as asking questions and getting specialists who are incredible.

Keep up the great work with EE :-)


Oh btw

There is another option if the first one doesn't work out too well.
Unfortunately, Apple employs DRM protection on all of their files, so they can only be played within Apple applications/devices. The option Alex gave for removing the DRM protection from Audio files is an option. There are also apps out there that will remove the DRM protection from video files, which is what it sounds like you want to do.

However, most of those products have a cost component (if you don't use them for the free trial-only), which is nearly the same price as your Chromecast and the whole process of transcoding video files is fairly time consuming. If you have time to sit down and transcode all of your old itunes videos within the free trial period, it's a good option.

Now if you are looking for a way to stream those videos at any given time, without going through the transcoding process, you can use an app that Google partnered with last year called "Movies Anywhere":

Basically you connect MoviesAnywhere to all of your different accounts (ie. iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and then you can stream from any of those accounts to your Chromecast through the app. Or even better, if you have a Roku, you can add the MoviesAnywhere channel to it and just watch directly on your TV (no Chromecast needed).
Thanks Lucas! That's what I wondered about the DRM protection and it's good to know about the associated cost. I haven't tried the "Movies Anywhere" app. It downloaded and synced on my phone, so that's a good sign! I'll try it out when I get home this evening to see if it'll play to my Chromecast.
Ah, the one movie I wanted to be able to stream is Lionsgate and the app says, "Movies from Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, and other non-participating studios are not eligible for Movies Anywhere at this time."
Alex, I tried both links, but it only lets me export music files, not movie files. I searched through the available library and it didn't show it as an option. Thanks though!
Ah bummer, yeah the list of participating studios is available here:
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That's good to know, Alex. Thanks for your help!