When setting outlook client to connect to 0365 "we are having trouble connecting to your account. verify the settings below..."


All our staff mailboxes were on exchange 2007 and we built exchange 2013 and through hybrid set up we migrated all the mailboxes to 0365.
All the workstations have been installed with Outlook 2016 and successfully connect to 0363 mail

I have problem with one of the mailboxes. After I log in as the users and click outlook , it picks the profile and after some time it says , we are having trouble connecting to your account. verify the settings below...

Please see the snapshot and any help to resolve this would be great.
Thanks in advance,
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Have you tried creating a new mail profile for them?

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lianne143Author Commented:
Yes, even after creating new profile  this is happening. This error happens only with this user.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Can that user log into the web based email?
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lianne143Author Commented:
Yes , able to successfully log into the 0365 webmail.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
I found a msg board post where someone with the same issue removed all references to Office 365 from Credential Manager and then it worked. It's worth a shot.
lianne143Author Commented:
But I tried on fresh PC as well and has the same problem.
Michael B. SmithManaging ConsultantCommented:
Are you sure that this mailbox migrated properly? You might try moving it again.
Before going too far, can you login via webmail? If yes, it is most likely an authentication issue ... if not, I'm with Michael and would check to see if the mailbox migrated properly.

Trying this should narrow things down.
lianne143Author Commented:
How do I to check if "mailbox migrated properly"
If it not migrated I will not be able to access through OWA?
Michael B. SmithManaging ConsultantCommented:
Look at the migration report and see if there were any errors.

But at this point, re-doing the migration is the only idea I've got.
If the mailbox isn't migrated properly, OWA should fail or show incomplete data in the mailbox.
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