string builder and string buffere and syntax

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String sql = "Insert Into Users (name, email, pass, address)";
sql += " values ('" + user.getName();
sql += "', '" + user.getEmail();
sql += "', '" + user.getPass();
sql += "', '" + user.getAddress();
sql += "')"[b][u];[/u][/b]

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in above StringBuilder example why ; is not in double quotes?

same question i have with StringBuilder as well
StringBuilder sbSql
    = new StringBuilder("Insert Into Users (name, email, pass, address)");
sbSql.append(" values ('").append(user.getName());
sbSql.append("', '").append(user.getEmail());
sbSql.append("', '").append(user.getPass());
sbSql.append("', '").append(user.getAddress());
String sql = sbSql.toString();

why we need to do toString only in case of StringBuilder

also what it mean by String builder not thread safe and string buffere thread safe

any example or link to prove this theory into practical?
Please advise
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The SQL statement needs to be a String, therefore when you finish with your StringBuilder you call the toString() method (StringBuilder is not a String).

Thread safe means that it is safe to call StringBuffer from multiple threads, while this is not tru for StringBuilder. If you call StringBuilder from multiple threads, each thread might have diffrent result that it is expected.
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Because it is a poor example for the usage of StringBuilder.

We use parameterized queries instead of string fiddling to avoid SQL injection in the first place. Also parameterized queries can be run as prepared queries having better performance.

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