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Hello Experts,
In a web page, when I click on a link, it fails.  Upon doing further research I found that I pass Line 1, but it changes to Line 2 automatically at the Run Time.  Any idea what is going on?  Please try to help.  Thank you very much in advance.

Line 1: http://abc.com/DataSources/APP DB/IDocument?AutoLogoutOnClose=True&AppName=TKT_DET&TktId=333333
Line 2: http://abc.com/DataSources/APP%20DB/IDocument?AutoLogoutOnClose=True&AppName=TKT_DET&TktId=333333

Thank you!
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Glanced up at my screen and thought I had coded the Matrix...  Turns out, I just fell asleep on the keyboard.
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This is normal. Browsers encode spaces and other special characters to ensure that no information is lost in transit to the server. %20 means space in URL-encoding. This shouldn't be breaking anything, so if the URL is not working, then you may have other issues.


Perfect!  That's it.  Thank you käµfm³d 👽 for your help.

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