how to customize dropdown select controls

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example contrived for this question. I have a dropdown select control as such in my HTML page. I want to give it a slicker look.
for example, at the end of the dropdown, there is an downward arrow.
if i want to change the size, or use a different icon for the downward arrow. How can I do that?

or do i use bootstrap , to create such control. but still I don't know how would i change such icon?

<!DOCTYPE html>

<div class="newdropdown">
    <option value="abc">abc</option>
    <option value="ijk">ijk</option>
    <option value="pqr">pqr</option>
    <option value="xyz">xyz</option>
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It's rather complicated to do that for multiple versions of multiple browsers. These show the techniques:
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There are various techniques for achieving this.

1. You position an image over the dropdown button - not ideal but it sort of works
2. You create a pseudo select. You hide the actual select and display using your own markup <ul> or <div> which you style as required.

If you are using bootstrap then the Bootstrap Select plugin gives you some good options. (

I would use Select2 this is easy to customize 
plus there is a Bootstrap theme

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