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Unable to mount LaCie Ethernet Disk, but can access via Remote Desktop Connection.

I have a very old 2U LaCie Ethernet Disk which has a proprietary Windows XP Embedded software installed. I recently moved it from one physical location to another in a server rack and since then can no longer access it over the network as it won't accept the network credentials.

I can connect a KB/Mouse and monitor to the machine and see it boot up, I can then input the admin username/pw and boot into this special XP Embedded. I can see the data on the drive via a "Backup Wizard" but there is no traditional windows explorer.

There are no diagnostic issues present on the drive and the firewall for the drive is completely disabled. I can even connect to this drive via Remote Desktop Connection and see the same as if I connect directly.

However, if I try to access the drive contents via a networked computer using the IP address in order to map the drive... I'm presented with the prompt to Enter network credentials but it won't accept the admin password at this point, despite accepting those same credentials on login and via Remote Desktop Connection. I know the credentials are right because it's the same admin credentials for all of our network drives.

The disk itself is visible/detectable via the LaCie network assistant but it displays a message that it "Cannot list the device volumes. See the [web] Dashboard for more information." Clicking on the provided button to open the web access dashboard opens my browser with the machine's IP in the address field but I only get the message that "This site can't be reached" "[IP address] refused to connect".

I tried reaching out to LaCie but they were unwilling to provide any more help than just scripted suggestions, as it is well out of warranty and a deprecated device (understandable, yet frustrating).

Currently, I'm going through the process of manually backing up the contents of the drive via the Backup Wizard but I can only do so in small chunks as doing too much causes a failure which requires rebooting the device and starting over if a backup was cut off. The device itself can see/access the rest of the network, but as there is no traditional explorer I can't manually drag/drop copy files over to another network space. Instead I'm forced to use the backup wizard and create individual .bkf files for each of these backup "chunks" and then decompressing them using NT5 backup (Windows NT Backup/Restore Utility) but so far this process has taken two weeks and I've so far only gotten about 150GB of files off. Would really like to find a faster way to do this.

This is as much detail as I know to provide. Wondering if anyone out there has any insight into this issue. Or perhaps a way to bypass LaCie's XP Embedded in order to see a more traditional XP interface?
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