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Conencted to VPN cant access shares

Using Microsoft VPN server\client on Server 2012. The 2012 server is in the cloud, I have set up the VPN server and I'm able to connect to the VPN, I can ping the VPN server, I can RDP to the server when connected to the VPN but I can not access a share on the server. This is a single server (non-domain) solution that remote clients need to access a database on this server. Port 139 is open, The VPN clients get an IP address on the same subnet as the server. when trying to access the share via IP \\999.999.99.99\share  I get Windows cannot access never prompts for user id. I have checked share and NTFS rights and the VPN users should have access. I get same results on Win10 VPN client and Win 7 VPN client
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