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Hi Experts,

on my CISCO switch I have connected 3 access points.
I just know the IP and MAC but I need to know the switchport.

How to find out what is connected on the switchport ?
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sh mac address-table  and look for the mac of your access points and associated port.

If it's layer 3 switch you could use sh ip arp also if the ap's have ip addresses.
atlas_shudderedSr. Network Engineer

show cdp neighbor
show cdp neighbor det
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The first answer is matching question description, second one is valid for Cisco APs, and just adding more details.

For the case that cdp is not enabled (not CIsco AP) and lldp is enabled on AP, in which case:
  lldp run
  show lldp neighbor
  show lldp neighbor det

Creative approach:
If switch is PoE and providing power to AP (and no other devices that draw power):
  show power inline
Eprs_AdminSystem Architect


Thanks a lot.

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