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How can I make typeid as surrogated key

create table type
typeid number(10),---this as surrogated key
typecode varchar2(10 byte)

result as
typeid typecode

1         aa
2       bb
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A surrogate key is one that is made up for the purpose of having a primary key.

There isn't a magic parameter that "makes" it.
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

Assuming you want a numeric field, the way I do it is to use a sequence and a trigger that acts before insert to assign the sequence value to the surrogate key.

For example:

create table t_test (
  test_id number (10),
  code varchar2(20)

create sequence seq_test start with 1 increment by 1;

create or replace trigger seq_test
  before insert
  on t_test
  referencing old as old new as new
  for each row
  select seq_test.nextval into :new.test_id from dual;

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Note that sequences do not guarantee no gaps. My declaration generally results in a sequence that increments by 1 each time it is used, but rolled back transactions, for example, will cause gaps to appear. Also because the sequence is cached, restarting the database may cause gaps to appear as well. The "nocache" directive when creating a sequence prevents the latter but degrades performance for little benefit (imho).
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If Martyn is correct and you are asking about how to create an auto-number column:
Starting in 12c there is now an IDENTITY column:

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