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we need to verify ,We need to backup our storage about 200TB data ,our vendor quote us HPE StoreEver 1/8 G2 LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 FC Tape Autoloader,a and said that below:
1.First Full Backupof 200TB Data for Single Tape Drive will take 124 Hours
2.5% Increment which is 10TB will take 12 Hours for Single Tape Drive.
3.One 8 tape can cover the full backup ?
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the thing is for the hude data best option is san storages which can keep snapshots, which can recover very fast...
here in tape the backup speed depends up on verious things like link speed, server processing, memory, application process... etc.

the writing speed ..but when to recover the huge data it may take days to recover..

please check the following link for technical description...

LTO tapes

Technical Specifications of HP LTO drive Library
Drive type : (1) LTO-7 Drive included
Capacity : 120TB Compressed 2.5:1
Host interface : 8Gb/sec
Transfer rate : 300 MB/s
Number of cartridge slots : 8
Encryption capability : AES 256-bit
Form factor : 1U
Product dimensions (H x W x D) : 18.9 x 31.7 x 1.7 in
Weight : 25.04 lb
Warranty : 1/0/0

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My main question is i can just use only 8 tapes only to backup 200TB data ?
the library capacity only 8 tapes ... about the data it's as usual it's depends copied data to tape... and compression ratio...

lto supports data 15 tb on compression mode on each tape  

i.e 15 Tb x 8 = 120 tb for all 8 tapes...

if you want to add more 80 Tb... then you need 6 tapes more  

15 Tb x 14 = 210 Tb.

hope it's clear now

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You won't get 2.5 : 1 compression anyway, might not even all fit on 16 tapes. What the reseller is thinking is that with the 1/8 autoloader you start off with 8 tapes on day 1, them export the completed tapes and put new ones in on day 2 and repeat for a few more days. Therefore you can get away with just 8 slots even though a full backup may take 20.

Be very careful to leave an empty slot if you do this, you can get 9 tapes in an 8 slot autoloader - one in the drive and 8 in the slots but then the robot cannot move the tapes about. The library won't let you do it though if you use the mailslot, only if you eject the whole magazine.

I can't see any reason to use FC, 6Gb SAS is fast enough, you would just be throwing money away on expensive FC HBAs and drives.It's not as if the tape connects to more than one server, you can't share autoloaders like you can share multi-drive libraries.

As regard to snapshots, presumably you will use them on your storage and then back those snapshots up, that's normal practice. Taking a snapshot but just leaving it on the SAN is no backup.
Are you happy with a 124 hour window for the full backup? Because what this means is that if you have a disaster it'll probably take 124 hours - possibly longer if there are a lot of small files involved - to restore your data. Depending on what the business is, this could mean bankruptcy.

Is management aware of the amount of time this "solution" might take?

Either use a faster drive (like something from IBM's 3592/TS11XX family) or multiple drives and software that can multiplex to more than one drive at a time. Or use more than one backup server/tape combo for different departments.

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