Printing check journalling is slow/errors out and restarts.

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When printing from Dynamics Great Plains 2018 end users experience an issue when printing to a SAVIN MP 5055 copier when posting to financial ledgers.
The jobs seem to get stuck in the print queue and throw an unspecified "Error Printing - Restarting" error.

Other print job in Dynamics GP print without an issue. And printing to a different printer does not have this issue

Have tried multiple PCL6 and PCL5 drivers and modified the spooling settings for the printer to no avail.

Any suggestions out there?
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I don't have any brilliant solutions, but here are some thoughts off the top of my head...

Given the symptoms you are describing, and the fact that the user doesn't seem to have any other problems printing, my guess is that there is something about that particular Dynamics GP report that is causing the print job to hang.  

It sounds like the user is trying to print posting journal reports, but you'll want to confirm and verify exactly which reports are being printed.

I would recommend checking to see if any of the reports that cause the print hang are modified.  Have the user post a test transaction in a test company, and only have them print one posting report at a time to see which specific report(s) cause the issue.  Once you identify the specific report(s) that cause the hang, check in the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window in GP to see if any of those posting reports are modified.

If any are modified, try temporarily switching back to the default GP posting report and have the user test again with the standard report.  If the standard reports print okay but the modified reports do not, then you can go through the tedious process of trying to figure out what about the content or formatting of the modified report is causing the issue.  You could try starting with the standard report and slowly modifying it, printing the report after every few changes to see which change causes the issue.

If the reports are not modified, my only thought would be to first print the report to PDF using a local PDF print driver, and then open the PDF on the workstation and try printing it to the printer.  It isn't a great diagnostic, but if the PDF doesn't print, at least you know that the issue isn't necessarily GP specific, but it is likely specific to the content or formatting of that report.  Probably a long shot, but check for any non-ASCII characters, extended ASCII characters, etc. in the report content (accents, foreign currency symbols, etc.).

If the PDF does print, then that might indicate that it is a GP specific issue for that particular report.  Unfortunately at that point, I don't know that there is a solution, other than to save to PDF and then print to paper--not ideal.

Let me know what you find, and let me know if you have any questions.


Steve Endow
Microsoft MVP - Dynamics GP


Hi Steve - Thanks for the wealth of, and useful, information! These aren't reports that are being printed these are journallings that are being posted to the ledgers.. (I'm not familiar with the software, so I may not have the terminology correct)...

It sounds like the first step is to determine exactly what is being sent to the printer.

In Dynamics GP, there are reports called "Posting Journals" that can optionally be saved or printed when transactions or batches are posted.  The user may refer to them by different names, but fundamentally, they are reports generated by GP.  It's a basic report that shows the transactions that were posted, and serves as a backup reference that some companies keep on hand for reviews or audits or researching issues.

Can you ask the user for a copy of the first page of one of the reports that is not printing properly (perhaps work with them to display the report on screen and take a screen shot, or send the reports to PDF to get an electronic copy)?  You can then post an image of the reports (black out any sensitive info)

Attached are two screen shots of what the "posting journal" reports may look like when displayed on screen in Dynamics GP.  If your reports look similar, we're on the right track.  If your reports look completely different, please post a screen shot.

Payables Posting Journal
GL Posting Journal
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