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I need to link to a SharePoint list from within Access and only retrieve the records for a particular view of the list.
It is not practical to pull down the entire list and then filter/SQL search within Access.
I want Access to only see the records in a particular view and only those columns in that view.

This is all working using Excel with a linked table and refresh all to update it from SharePoint I'd like to avoid the users
having to open a workbook at all  - just open access and the data is there (perhaps asking them if they want to refresh the data from SP)

I know to how directly link to a SharePoint list from Access - but that tries to bring down all records and all fields
(over 2000 records and 240 fields)  - not practical for end users.

I'm experienced in VBA, SharePoint, .. etc so a VBA solution is fine.
Excel/Access 2016, SharePoint 2016, full control on the site w tons of workflows, JS, etc..
No infopath, No Access web apps, must work in FF and IE

so to summarize -
How to establish a link to a particular view of a SP list in access  - including refreshing etc
Specific examples, VBA code, ... sought
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See for a solution to this using docmd.transfersharepoint

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