Pinging DNS gives multiple IP addresses

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The above location is a Microsoft Network Load Balancing Cluster and has a Cluster IP address of and DNS of (IP and hostname not the real ones)
The cluster contains 2 servers test1 ( and test2 (

When you ping the DNS name we receive ping responses from other IP addresses (e.g. and 78 etc).
What is the reason behind this?
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MichelangeloSystem Administrator / Postmaster

Start by checking your DNS in case you have a duplicate entry for
Software Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director
Assuming that your DNS is correct, is it the case that the load balancer is "virtualising" the IP address of the cluster servers in any way? It could be implementing some form of NAT, though I don't know why.

How about checking the MAC addresses of the IP addresses that are returned to attempt to verify the specific servers that are responding to the .77 and .78 addresses?


Whats best way to check if duplicate entry for exists?
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Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing Director

If you are using a Windows client, try using nslookup and set the debug level high enough to see the responses that you are receiving. You can take a look here for some detail:
MichelangeloSystem Administrator / Postmaster

From unix shell, or from ubuntu shell in Windows 10

dig @yourdnsserverip 

Open in new window

will answer with all records defined for your FQDN
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Provide your real site [host.] for testing.

Better to test + provide a real answer, than guess.

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