connect two software with each other by a third software or connect two software without knowing Api(we dont know api is the case in both cases)

can we connect two  different software  without knowing API  or by using a third software to connect these two software
is it possible for a programmer?
I know nothing is impossible in a  programmer   book but only i have to confirm this
so plz let me know
Sachin SinghAsked:
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AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
No, because if there isn't an API available on the applications you're using, that would pose an issue. It also depends on the application that you want to link and how you want to link them.

A Programmer would still need details of the application and how they are going to be linked. Please provide me the applications and i'll take a look.


Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
i was unable to send u the software bcoz it is in exe format and expert exchange doesnt allow to upload the file  i am telling u the name of the software  the name of the software  is nse now
nse now  has 3 softwares 1)one is based on a website2)is for mobile app trading 3) is for desktop app in exe format
i am sending u the link also where u can download the software
go to the given link  click on menu option in the right hand side and when u click it will open a new tab in that see trading tools in that 1)NSE Now  click on that then the software will download in exe format
AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
You won't be able to connect the API of all 3 into a single entity, API's only work when you're dealing with the same sort of data so you'd need an API to the website, an API to the mobile app, or the mobile app would have to connect to the same database, which means you'd need to have a full program developed for this, then the desktop app which would also have to link into the same database.

Likelihood is it's not going to be possible without specific details about the API.
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Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
Sorry Alex Sir i dont want to connect all 3 . i want to connect the desktop software i am talking about the third software desktop software in exe format we have to link that softwate to excel
AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
We're friends here, no need to call me sir :-)

Right, so you want to connect the desktop software to excel, that could be a bit more possible, what's the backend of the software though. If it's an SQL database, you just need an excel specialist to connect to the database and run macro's to pull and format the data.

So it's not really an API at that point, it's a simple ODBC connection.
Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
I want to connect desktop version nse now software that exe format software to excel  but the thing is there is no api of that software  i got this information  from nse. But i am not sure that it has api or not but what i have to do is connect this d
Software to excel
And i want to know it is possible or not
I want to know in any way is this possible?
Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
Its a good news for me for now  Alex but nse is working on  new software and that would be an api based desktop software
So for that is there a way  for that
I want to know that in any way can we connect excel to a desktop api based software  without knowing the api
AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
The answer is no, there isn't, you will need to speak with the developer and ask them for the API details, if there is even an API for it.

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Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
we can't connect api based desktop software to excel without knowing api , I accepted
But can we use a third software or anything to put  a connection between excel and that api based software
by any way  with the help of anything can i get what i want
Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
Thnx Alex Sir for ur great guidance
Thnx for ur ur great great support
AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
No there isn't unfortunately, that's essentially what you need the API for in the first place.
Sachin SinghAuthor Commented:
Thnx Alex Sir ,Thnx for ur Great info
I think this is the  Big Problem for most  of the programmers and this problem is an opportunity i am hoping that someday someday  a programmer will do research and hard work and it will be resolved
Thnx Alex
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