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We are soon being requested to migrate our team data from one file share to another, albeit on the same windows 2012 file server. The drive mappings for users will stay the same (Y:\) as part of the login script, and our infrastructure team claim the migration if data will be 'effortless' with no impact on end users!

Currently, our area on the file server It is essentially a team directory full of office documents, e.g. docx, xlsx, and a few access databases. I need to try and assess everything that could break with such a move of all our data from one share to another. I know in some of the teams word documents are hyperlinks to other documents, which use UNC paths, so whereas a hyperlink e.g. \\server\currentshare\team\dir1\word.docx will break when we move the data to \\server\newshare\team\dir1\word.docx - hyperlinks was just one area I had thought of as a possible trouble spot. Can you think of any more that we need to factor into plans.
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The hyperlinking thing will have to be fixed on a file by file issue. Same goes for Access files that might link to forms, etc. Something you or your users will just have to test. Also check for any Excel spreadsheets that link to other files.

Also check your user's Document folder mappings in case they are pointing to that same file server.

The only other major issue I can think of are applications where you have set data folders pointing to the server, like a shared Quickbooks account or something like that.

I know that's kind of generic advice but without knowing what all apps you use it's hard to say. The best way to do this is move everything and test while still keeping the old server up and running as a point of reference.
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Anything using a UNC path can break. Linked Office documents are the biggest concern, but people can also have shortcuts to documents or directories on their desktop, in Favorites, most recently used, etc.

It seems weird that you would need to be moved to a new share. Normally an entire share would get moved at once, which can be done when moving to different storage, and that can be seamless as the UNC can stay the same. Otherwise, I map everything to DFS Namespace so that I can move folders/shares between servers all day long and keep the UNC path the same. Hopefully your infrastructure team is already using DFS Namespace. It's easy to tell. Just look for a DFS tab under Properties for a network directory. If they're not using DFS Namespace, ask them why not. They wouldn't neven need to modify login scripts. Hey why are they using login scripts and not drive mappings as part of group policy preferences? Are they stuck in 2005?

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Also consider. Bat files, PowerShell scripts

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