My WSUS server database  grows  so fast, and Cleanup wizard not working.

Eromonsele Eboiyehi
Eromonsele Eboiyehi used Ask the Experts™
I have a WSUS server that has grown exponentially, even when i run the WSUS server clean up wizard, there is no difference. this server is set up on a virtual machine. is there a way i can retire old updates?  to create more space on my server ? i can see 2015 updates. can i delete these  updates?  Please i need assistance>
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If you only have Windows 10 and Server 2016, then updates from 2015 are "unlikely" to be needed...
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

I did this exercise last month using this:

You just need to be careful and do not delete the updates that supersede other updates, but only updates that are superseded themselves.  If you group them by the superseded icon column and look at the 3 different icons, you'll see what I mean:
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator

Just to be clear, the only ones you should be deleting from the above article are bolded:

No icon: update doesn’t supersede another one nor is it superseded by an update

Blue square on top: this update supersedes another update, these updates you do not want to clean…!!

Blue square in the middle: this update has been superseded by another update, and superseded another update as well, this is an example of an update you may want to clean (decline)

Blue square in the right below corner: this update has been superseded by another update, this is an example of an update you may want to clean (decline)
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Did you set the language to English only? Did you remove other languages?

Use cleanup in PoshWSUS Powershell library
Network Support Analyst
I re installed a new WSUS server

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