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I have a client who I have just upgraded to Windows 10 with office 365 however they have thousands of historical Lotus Word Pro .lwf files.
Can anyone reccomend a file convertor to allow them to open in word?
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Shouldn't that be *.LWP? (Lotus WordPro)
Try installing OpenOffice or LibreOffice.  The word processing application in either of these office suites should allow you to open old WordPro *.LWP files and resave them as Microsoft Office compatible, but there may be some differences with layouts in the process.

If you prefer not to install such an office suite you can use a "portable" version that runs from a USB Flash Drive:
See and

Looks like the first one decided not to convert but install a WordPro viewer; sounds like a much simpler solution but you would need to find a viewer.

Looks like "KeyView for Lotus" is a free download. I would search, download, test and deploy as needed; more research shows the most reliable places to find this are at; see and

Some additional items to consider:
1. The installer is Kvlotus.exe
2. Right-click, run as Administrator.
3. You may need to run KeyView under Windows XP compatibility mode:

Personally, I have never done this but the LWP format is older and I am putting together pieces I can find because getting "old stuff to run on new" can be a challenge.
Good suggestions N8iveIT.
I used to use KeyView for Lotus documents, but that was way back before XP officially ended.  It worked reasonably well but some layouts, especially tables, got screwed up on some documents.

Just for Info:
Regarding the last comment by WCJC in the first Experts-Exchange question you linked to.  After Lotus Smartsuite was discontinued IBM released a software suite named IBM Lotus Symphony in 2007.  It was discontinued in 2012 and the development was handed off to Apache OpenOffice.  LibreOffice is based on OpenOffice but development "forked off" from OpenOffice.  They are very similar in functionality and appearance.

It would be possible to create an automated process by script (probably vbscript) to walk through a text file containing a list of paths to *.lwp files, open each in turn, do a Save As, and close again.  This would take a long time and would be very resource-intensive.  There are other automation utilities like AutoHotkey that create macros but run from a single EXE, but you would have to learn how to use it first.  It would be worth researching the Macro recording functionality of OpenOffice and LibreOffice and using it in the same way as Microsoft Office supports recording Macros and use of VBA scripts.
Thank you sam835

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