Make excel long text into overflow to formulas returning "".

Laszlo Benedek
Laszlo Benedek used Ask the Experts™
In excel if you have long text in a cell that doesn't fit, it can overflow into the adjacent cell, as long as the adjacent cell is empty. I wonder if I could get the same behavior when I have a formula in the adjacent cell returning "". Unfortunately by default in this case, the text doesn't overflow.

I'm using Excel 2010
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knowing what you're asking and wish to know how text can be overflowed to adjacent cell if it contains formula (or not blank), but apparently it seems that's the behaviour of Excel which we probably can't do that.

you may think a more creative way to display your long text.


OK, Thanks for clarifying. I think I'll just use a macro to make sure cells where the formula would return "", will actually be blank.

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