our emails are not being received by domains/mail server hosted by google apps

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luxuryretreats.com and eag.com mail servers are hosted by "google apps". both companies are reporting that they're not receiving any emails coming from our domain rosenaviation.com. but we're receiving emails from them.

i did a test email and got these back
Delivery to these recipients or groups is complete, but no delivery notification was sent by the destination server:

i did a test and sent an email to any domain including gmail.com and all recipients received emails coming from rosenaviation.com
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William FulksSystems Analyst & Webmaster

I tested rosenaviation.com at MXtoolbox.com and it gives a timeout error during the SMTP test connecting to pdx.rosenaviation.com.

The other two servers are going through Barracuda. You may want to check your filters to make sure nothing is being blocked. I'd also contact Barracuda support and them look at it. I bet they are blocking something.
IT Manager
our outgoing server is not being filtered and it does not going through barracuda.

i think i solve the problem by adding an SPF record in our DNS. they're now confirming that our emails are being received.

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