VBA Excel: replace values based on a config sheet with msgbox.

Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz used Ask the Experts™

I have the following procedure which allows me to replace values based on config sheet.
I would like to add the procedure to my personal.xlsb with the following requirements:

1-Add msgbox (yes, no) which says “Have you already created config sheet?” vbCtrl
“Sheet Name: Config-Replacement” vbCtrl
“Column A values to replace” vbCtrl
“Column B revised values” vbCtrl
“Column C reference column in which are located values to replace” vbCtrl
“Column D sheet name in which replacement procedure should be applied" vbCtrl
“Column E flag value: 1 for exact values” vbCtrl

2-If vbno is activated the config sheet reported in my example should be created with format and
headers. Else Run the replacement procedure
3-If vbno is activated and config sheet already exist. Exit sub and display msgbox which says “Config sheet already exist."

If you have questions, please contact me.
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Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

You don't really need to ask if the sheet is created, simply check for it's existence. If it doesn't exist create it.
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

This might be what you want

Sub CreateIT()

    Select Case MsgBox("Do you need to create the Config Sheet?", vbYesNo, "Config Required")
    Case vbYes:
        With ActiveSheet
            .Name = "Config-Replacement"
            .Range("A1:G1").Value = Array("Original Value", "Revised Value", "Col letter", "Dest Sheet", "Like=0 OK, Exact=1, Blank=2", "V Replaced in Dest", "Already Launch")
            .Range("A1:G1").WrapText = True
            .Range("A1:G1").ColumnWidth = 17.7
            .Range("A1:G1").RowHeight = 30.75
            .Range("A1:F1").Interior.ColorIndex = 4
            .Range("G1").Interior.ColorIndex = 6
        End With
        MsgBox "Config sheet created", vbInformation, "Success"
    Case Else
    End Select

End Sub

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Note ActiveWorkBook and ActiveSheet used to allow the code to be stored in PERSONAL.xlsb
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Luis DiazIT consultant


Roy, thank you for this proposal. I will test it as soon as I can.
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

I'm not sure if I have the part correct if No is selected. I thought you wanted to run your macro.
Group Finance Manager
I've re-written the code to check if the sheet already exists before using the message box. If it doesn't exist the prompt will appear, I've left the option to cancel by selecting No
Luis DiazIT consultant


Thank you for this proposal. I tested and it works!
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

Pleased to help, don't forget to close the question by assigning the points

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